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Relaxed Couponing: Stretching Your Dollar Even More

Today, let’s talk about three nontraditional ways you can save money on your groceries. PEELIES Coupons or other special offers that are stuck to a product are called “peelies.” A typical peelie offers instant savings at the cash register for buying a certain product. Here’s an example. Last month, Walgreens had Planters Nutrition peanut butterContinue Reading

Relaxed Couponing: A Shopping App I Enjoy – And Think You Will Too

I’m taking a break from my usual advice column to tell you about a smartphone app that I really enjoy – and think you’ll enjoy too. Shopkick is rewards program that is structured like a scavenger hunt. It rewards credits that can be redeemed for mobile gift cards at your favorite stores, simply by completingContinue Reading

Relaxed Couponing: Save space. Donate!

Relaxed Couponing: Save space. Donate!

It’s a great feeling to get an item for free after coupons. It’s not so great when that item sits in your stockpile or on your shelf and takes up space. I had accumulated about 80 freebies since I started couponing in January that my family couldn’t use. This week, I donated them all toContinue Reading

Relaxed Couponing: A Stockpile Is A Necessary Evil

“I love ‘Extreme Couponing!’” gushed a fan on the TLC show’s Facebook page recently. “Or, as my friends and I call it: ‘Before Hoarders.’” I know the feeling all too well. When an item I need is free or for pennies on the dollar, I buy as many as possible. Stores will sometimes require customersContinue Reading

Coupons in the Aug. 11 Watertown Daily Times

There will be two inserts in the Sunday’s Watertown Daily Times: (1) RedPlum and (1) SmartSource. Here’s what coupons we’ll be seeing: RedPlum (Savings of more than $60.99) Clairol $2/1 hair color ETS (9/30) Colace $2/1 capsules (2/28/14) Gain/Era $2/2 25oz+ or Gain Fabric Enhancer ETS (9/30) Gain/Era $1/1 25oz+ or Gain Fabric Enhancer ETSContinue Reading

Relaxed Couponing: Keeping the Momentum Going

Here’s an all too-familiar scenario: The thrill of your first couponing trip feels like a distant memory. You’re looking at a small stack of circulars, but don’t have the time (or energy) to cut, sort or file them. There’s always tomorrow. Tomorrow fades into the next day, into the weekend. Now there’s two weeks worthContinue Reading

Relaxed Couponing: Revisiting your first trip

I challenged you last week to put your new couponing skills to the test by completing a shopping trip. I hope you did well. My first trip with coupons was to Tops in January. I saved 55 percent off retail, which left me feeling like I had won money in a casino. However, I soonContinue Reading

Relaxed Couponing: Planning Your First Trip

Relaxed Couponing: Planning Your First Trip

The Relaxed Couponing series is in its tenth week. I’ve taught you how to start couponing (without losing your mind), where to find coupons, how to determine a deal, what stores to go to, the value of loyalty cards, the importance of understanding a coupon policy and how to stack coupons to score bigger savings.Continue Reading

Relaxed Couponing: Stack. Save. Score.

Couponing has a few immutable rules. Here’s one: You cannot use more than one manufacturer’s coupon on a single item. Don’t fret, though. Several stores make their own coupons, which you can combine with one manufacturer’s coupon on a single item. It’s called “stacking.” So, where do you find store coupons? Here’s four places toContinue Reading

Relaxed Couponing: Limit Mistakes, Maxmize Savings

The importance of reading the coupon policy When you first start couponing, you’re going to make mistakes. It’s inevitable. I did. I bought Triscuits at Tops, looking to pair a $1 off 2 boxes store coupon with a “buy one, get one” Internet coupon. Just one problem: It’s Tops’ policy not to accept Internet BOGOContinue Reading