Confessions of a Reluctant Couponer: How Two Weeks Off is Like Letting Your Crops Rot in the Field

Confessions of a Reluctant Couponer: How Two Weeks Off is Like Letting Your Crops Rot in the Field

When I say I’ve had two weeks off, I am using “off” in the loosest possible terms. In the past ten days, I’ve work-worked (some graphic design, a column for the new NNY Living magazine, and some articles for a local newspaper), mommy-worked, or worked-out from about 6 a.m. until about 12 a.m. Not all at the same time, obviously.

I haven’t had time to do much more than add to my pile of coupons that are, one by one, getting closer to their expiration date. Rotting.

I take that back – I did manage to plan a trip to Walgreens last week. But I didn’t have time to shop.

About half these coupons expired on October 31.

On Monday night, I took my “free” evening (while waiting for comments on a brochure draft, and waiting for feedback on articles) to go through my coupon binder. It was more like plowing through my coupon binder. Piles upon piles of neatly clipped and organized – and expired – coupons were weeded out of their neat little rows and tossed into a pile.

Clearing out my coupon binder. While drinking wine and watching TV, so it wasn’t SO bad.

I felt like crying when I had to toss leftover $1 off 2 Silk almond milk shelf stable quarts. And some $2 off Tide powder. And two $5 off a Transformers toy. Well, that one I didn’t mind tossing SO much. Hunk will obsessively pose an action figure until it is exactly perfect, unless he can’t make it perfect, so he throws a temper tantrum instead. Do you have any idea how many joints a Transformer has? I think that one was a blessing in disguise.

Also on the bright side, this will hopefully be the last time I have to do one of these mass reapings. You wouldn’t believe how much time it saves me to keep track of my coupons electronically.

Yes, that was the waste pile. Notice I hadn’t yet made it to the back of the binder.

Don’t worry. We recycle.

  • Ssemtner7

    You are a wild women! Love ya, Mom

  • Betsy C.

    If you haven’t tossed them into the recycling bin, you can always send them to me!! Sorry about all that work going in the trash. :(

  • Anonymous

    Any special product requests, Betsy? I’m sure you’d rather not get my six expired Metamucil coupons? But then again, you ARE pregnant. 😉