Coupon Source #1


The newspaper.

Obviously I am partial to the Watertown Daily Times.

I get the Sunday paper even on the weekends of national holidays when there are no coupon inserts in any papers. On those Sundays, I buy the paper for the store circulars alone. Not only do I then have the circulars for all the local stores on hand for the week (which I look at several times per week as I come across new coupons), I find the best deals for local stores (like liquor stores, discount stores and other locally-owned stores) as well as restaurants. I usually comb through every page of the paper and all the inserts looking for barcodes and dollar signs (and sunbursts – those are always fun to look at) to keep an eye out for local bargains.

  • Ashley

    Hello. I recently just came across your blog. Been looking for coupon blogs in Watertown area. I’m from Clayton. :) I was wondering (if you subscribe to the paper) can you only get it on sunday? When I looked into it, I got mixed answers… Some said that you had to buy all week & weekend. Some said you could get the sunday paper only. Do you have any insight on this?


    • ktclick

      I buy my Sunday papers at the gas station down the road from me (meaning, my husband gets it AND a box of donuts for us before I even drag myself out of bed on Sundays), so I don’t know the answer to your question for sure. If I remember correctly, they have weekend delivery (Saturday and Sunday, as opposed to just Sunday) and 7-day delivery. But to be sure, I would call their circulation department. You can find the number here.

      • Ashley

        Alrighty. Thanks for letting me know. Usually drive down to Depauville and grab the paper (cutting the coupons while someone else drives). Will look into it again. :]