Downloadable Daily Planner Page to Help You Get Ready for the School Year

Downloadable Daily Planner Page to Help You Get Ready for the School Year

For this household “Back to School” is an event more about getting organized than anything else. How else will we survive not being able to sleep in until 7:30 every morning?

I am not naturally an organized person. In trying to become one, I’ve tried self-help books, lists, electronic calendars, paper calendars, schedules, you name it. I have a snazzy Franklin Covey calendar (empty), a Droid X complete with task lists, organizational apps and a Google Calendar right on the home screen (useless because I despise inputting data using a touch screen. I mean, DESPISE), and a white board big enough to sleep on hanging in my kitchen (blank). Stuff accumulates – old papers, old clothes, books unreturned to the library – and I don’t even notice until it’s a full-on TLC Hoarding disaster (okay, it’s not THAT bad).

It’s a real effort for me to keep on top of things in small amounts – daily loads of laundry, Friday Filing days in my home office, a housekeeping schedule. I am addicted to the sense of accomplishment that comes from conquering household mountains. This is not a very efficient way to run a household.

So, back in the spring I started keeping a binder as my kind of my portable office. Over the course of the summer I’ve actually kept at it pretty consistently, planning my days every evening – and sometimes as much as a week in advance.

To you this might seem a small thing, but to me, I see the consistency of my using a plain old (although beautiful) red leather notebook and a three-hole punch to keep track of our needs and schedules as a glimmer of hope that I might actually be turning things around and getting – dare I say it? – good at my job as a stay-at-home mom/freelance writer. I am unable to subscribe to others’ plans for organization, but, happily, it looks like I’m fully capable of coming up with one on my own.

Now that I’ve found a way to function week-to-week instead of day-to-day, maybe I can actually start training to conquer a REAL mountain (since I’ve scheduled time for exercise several times a week).

In case you’re anything like me and need a simpler solution for organizing your household for free (or close to it) using materials you have on hand, I put together a daily planning page inspired by one I found on the Simple Mom blog. They’re only slightly different, but even Simple Mom’s daily docket was a little complicated in some ways and not complicated enough in others, so I changed it up to fit my own needs and I have been using it ever since. I thought other people might like it too.


Click to download the planning page, then just hit Ctrl+P and get out your three-hole punch.

It’s not a fool-proof solution to the chaos that will surely take hold a week (if we’re lucky) into Diva’s first year of public school, but hey, it’s a start.

Happy Back to School! And best of luck.

  • Betsy C.

    Great design, Katie! You should add a smaller image of it to your post so everyone can see how fabulous it is…it looks gorgeous!

  • Betsy C.

    And I love the header for August, not sure how I missed it!

  • ktclick

    Thanks Betsy. Miss you! Is it bedtime in Spain?

  • Ashley Najarian

    Downloaded! Can’t wait to print & use this! I just went to Target to load up on their store brand “five star” notebooks to get me through the year. Between planners, mini notebooks, and full 5 subject hardcover notebooks, it seems I’m always writing my “to do” list somewhere different. I’m totally psyched to print a few of these out & give it a go! With Paul leaving in a couple weeks, we have more tasks than I ever thought possible & this seems much more efficient than texting myself/sticking post its on the fridge/writing on my own hand :) Thanks Katie!

  • ktclick

    You’re welcome. I hope it works well for you Ashley! I find it helped when I got a nice full-size notebook three-ring binder and used subject dividers for the different things I “manage” – household/thrift, kids, volunteer/professional and my blog. Good luck!

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