New Year’s Resolution Revolution


Our household paper organization system with binders for school paperwork for Diva, Receipts & Taxes, Hobbies, Book Club, Classes, Organizing, Magazine Ideas including Fashion, Decorating, Art Projects and Makeup/Hair

Watching that calendar roll over to a new year triggers something in most of us – a sense of new beginnings, a new starting place. Many people make resolutions to eat better, budget better, be better.

But, according to this article on, about 54% of people who make New Years resolutions abandon their big life-changing goals by June.

I think it’s time for a resolution revolution. Instead of resolving to fix a big problem – or ten problems – why not take the long-distance, slow and steady approach by breaking off small pieces of our larger New Year’s goals?

For example, let’s say you are like me, and need some improvement in the organization arena. Okay, you could use some help finding the word “organization” in the dictionary because said dictionary is buried under a pile of miscellaneous office crap in your attic. Instead of jotting down on a piece of paper that you WILL GET ORGANIZED, followed by a baker’s dozen exclamation points, why not start by saying you will get one thing – your family’s schedule, or maybe just your kitchen cabinets – organized?

One of the best organizing goals I ever set for myself was to give our daily incoming paperwork a home. It wasn’t like this one thing was going to magically fix all our organizational needs. But it took care of the daily problem of What the heck do I do with THIS random piece of paper?

Just last month, when we decided to see if we’d spent the money we’d saved in our flexible spending account for 2012, all I had to do was open the three-ring binder where I’d stashed the paperwork and add up the numbers. I used to have a panic attack any time my husband asked for a specific piece of paperwork. Now I open the appropriate folder or binder, and it’s usually right where it’s supposed to be. The solution wasn’t something that happened in one day. I gathered the tools I needed, made a plan, and now, here we are with most of our daily paperwork sorted into the correct slots.

The most important part of bringing order into one’s life are finding the tools to make it possible. You can’t build a tree house without lumber, tools, a tree, and most importantly, a plan.

That brings me to the New Year’s Resolution Revolution giveaway. We’ve taken three of the most common New Year’s Resolutions (lose weight/get fit and healthy, maintain a budget/save money, and take better care of oneself) and bundled solutions into one neat package for a lucky NNY Life reader.

Debra Patterson of Yoga by Debra and Alice Andrew Salon are teaming up with NNY Life to give away a package worth $300. The package includes a one-on-one private yoga session with Debra as well as a spot in one of her popular Restorative Yoga classes. Alice Andrew salon is chipping in a manicure/pedicure, a massage and a haircut, and NNY Life is throwing in a copy of The Money $aving Mom’s Budget, a book written by Crystal Paine of the tried-and-true most frugal website out there for moms – Money Saving Mom.


All you have to do is click on each of the options below, complete each of the four entry options, and voila, you’ll be eligible for the 2013 New Year’s Resolution Revolution package!

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  • Kate Albrecht Fidler

    My entire self is ready for this revitalization!

  • Babyka16

    This would be just what I need

  • Jacqueline Yancoskie

    A newborn and a new year has left me beat! I could really use an energy reboot.

    • ktclick

      Good luck Jacqueline!

  • sarah sims

    Wow !! What an AMAZING give away package…I’ve always wanted to try yoga and well need I say anything else than Twins !! Happened this year…this exhausted mommy could def use some help…one lucky lady to whoever wins this !!

  • sarah sims

    Well way to go for not reading directions before commenting…well I guess one of my major new years goals will be better time management and money management…adding twins to our then family of three NOW 5!! Will become a whirlwind if I don’t tether some things down and put every chore in a slot and make everyone happy…

    • ktclick

      WOW! Twins! I’m sure you’re looking for time to SLEEP. You would love Debra’s Restorative Yoga class especially. She is a phenomenal instructor. I remember the first yoga class I was able to take after having Hunk, I was so grateful for the time to myself, I actually shed a tear or two.

  • Dderouin

    I am so in need of this this year!!!

    • ktclick

      Good luck!

  • Michaella Bacotti

    What a great way to celebrate 2013! – Michaella Bacotti

  • Mlhhale

    One of my resolutions is. . .sit-ups every night, starting with 50 tonight and increasing by 5 every night :)

    • ktclick

      I think sit-ups every night is pretty good all by itself! Way to go!

    • Nova Schenk

      Whoa Molly! You’ll have a six pack by MLK’s bday!

  • Becky B

    Sounds like a great giveaway!

  • pattyhoughtaling

    Organization?? I need it !!

  • Nikowit

    more FAMILY time…and a schedule i can keep! loving this giveaway katie!!

  • Lindsay Day

    My goals (and 8 million other people’s) are get organized, get fit and save money!

  • Amber McCargar

    Make concious effort to make my family members feel loved and appreciated.

  • Nova Schenk

    I’m not one for making ‘goals’ or setting ‘resolutions’ because life as a Mom and Wife is always changing – so my resolution continues to be to be good to myself, no matter what the circumstances. Seems to be working thus far :) The bad part about this is being good to myself could mean going for a run or something healthy, or allowing myself to have that extra glass of wine or chocolate bar :) All requirements for this Momma to be happy, so all good!

  • Cellingsworth

    My goal is to eat healthier and exercise more.

  • Alicia

    Budget? what’s a budget? Ha! I’m trying…

  • Melanie Groff Grosse

    I will be working on patience. I will FOREVER be working on patience :)