The Big, Wide NNY Sky

The Big, Wide NNY Sky

This is what I’m looking forward to on this damp, dreary NNY day – Sackets Harbor, NY, in the summertime:

Diva enjoys a calm lake (and some cotton ball clouds) during an afternoon dip with our standard poodle, Sophie.

These are some of the beauties kicked up by a vicious windstorm one day in the late summer.
The above photo was taken on the road to our cottage.

These lovelies were over the lake during the same storm.

Playing outside on a windy late afternoon. We had to get our kicks somehow. It’s just wind, right?

This was our first great sunset of the 2011 cottage season. And it was a doozy.

Hunk anoints his little cousin with a driftwood wand. Uncle makes sure there is no unintended eye-poking.

Do not look directly at the sun. But take all the pictures you want. That’s why God invented Photoshop.

Yes, that’s heaven. We can see it from our cottage shoreline.