Watertown’s Best Deals This Week–4/8 to 4/14

Watertown’s Best Deals This Week–4/8 to 4/14


Sorry for the shabby appearance of my blog. It’s getting a makeover and it should be ready in a couple of weeks. Please bear with me in the meantime!

Here’s a list of this week’s best prices in the Watertown area. If you happen to see a deal you can’t pass up and it’s not listed, please leave a comment.

Aldi is by far the winner for best produce prices this week. They’re practically giving their oranges away! The Aldi circular wasn’t included in my Sunday paper, so I used their online version. You can find it here.


Whole Del Monte pineapple, $1.69
Strawberries, $1.89/lb
Cantaloupe, $1.19 each
Mangoes, 69 cents each
Sunkist Navel oranges, $1.59/4 lb bag!!!

Price Chopper:

Red seedless grapes, $1.99/lb

3 lb. bag Empire or Gala apples, $2.99

3 lb bag seedless Navel oranges, $1.99
Fresh strawberries, 2/$5
Mangoes, 10/$10


Price Chopper –
Santa sweet grape tomatoes, BOGO
Iceberg lettuce, $1/each

Hannaford –
Russet potatoes, 89 cents/lb
Sweet yellow or red onions, 99 cents/lb

Tops –
Iceberg lettuce, 99 cents/each
Sweet grape tomatoes, $1.99/each
Green peppers, 10/$10
4-pack tricolor pepper pack, $2.99
Whole or sliced mushrooms, 2/$4
Premium salad bags, Fresh Express, 2/$4


Fresh chicken breast (doesn’t say if it’s boneless skinless), $1.69/lb

Price Chopper
Boneless skinless chicken breast, $1.99/lb
Farm-raised salmon fillets, $5.99/lb
Angus boneless sirloin steak, $4.99/lb
Jumbo chicken leg quarters, $1/lb
Fully cooked baby back ribs, BOGO
Frozen Tilapia, BOGO

Hannaford –
Boneless skinless chicken breast, $1.99/lb
Boneless shoulder roast, $2.99 (If you need ground beef, ask the butcher to grind 5 lbs of shoulder roast – or more – into burger. It’s a free service!)

Hannaford often has great markdowns on their meats early in the week. Another tip: They will grind boneless roasts and other beef cuts into burger if you buy more than 5 lbs. This is almost always cheaper than the price of ground beef. Plus, there will be no worries over “pink slime” with fresh-ground beef!

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, $1.99/lb
Chicken leg quarters, 99 cents/lb
Frozen tilapia, BOGO
Boneless Alaska Whitefish fillet, $4.99/lb

Other good deals

Aldi –
Sour cream, 99 cents (16 oz)
Cream Cheese or Neufchatel Cheese, 99 cents/8 oz.

Price Chopper –
Minute Maid orange juice, half gallons, 2/$4
Capri Sun juice pouches, $2/10 pack
Chex Cereal, 4/$8 with in-ad coupon (You can find their weekly ad in the store entrance)
Mueller’s Pasta, 10/$10
Hellman’s Mayonnaise, $2.99

8 O’Clock Coffee, $3.99
Saga Crumbly Blue Cheese, BOGO
Breyer’s Ice Cream, BOGO